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Bringing organic, low-acid coffee straight to your doorstep. Because your health matters.

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USDA Approved, Low-Acid, Roasted-to-Order Beans.  3rd Party Tested for Over 450 Toxins.  
Exceptionally Flavorful, with Maximum Nutrients.

Our Process

A meticulous journey, from seed to bag.

  • Stage 1: Oragnic Farm

    Our coffee is meticulously crafted for optimum nutrition. Grown at elevations exceeding 5,200 ft above sea level, our single-origin, organically shade-grown beans undergo a slower development, fostering a richer flavor profile, lower acidity, and enhanced nutrient absorption from the soil, resulting in the delicious nutrient and antioxidant-rich coffee we harvest for your daily brew.

  • Stage 2: Hand-Picked

    After each harvest, the best coffee cherries are carefully hand-selected to be fermented, spring-washed, and naturally sun-dried in preparation for our precise roasting process. The beans then undergo rigorous third-party testing for molds, mycotoxins, pesticides, and over 450 other impurities, ensuring that only the most premium and healthiest beans are chosen for roasting and delivery to you.

  • Stage 3: Fresh Roast

    Upon receiving each order, our dedicated team roasts the beans in small batches, ensuring unwavering quality in every bag. Our specialty roasting process not only minimizes acidity but also accentuates the natural flavor, resulting in an anxiety and jitter-free bean. After roasting, each batch undergoes meticulous inspection before being expertly bagged, sealed, and shipped to your doorstep.

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Our Ethos

We prioritize equitable compensation for coffee growers, implement sustainable farming methods that prioritize safety, and actively engage in initiatives to conserve and protect the environment. This commitment ensures that every cup of our coffee reflects not only exceptional taste but also a dedication to ethical and responsible practices throughout the entire coffee journey.

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  • Gongusia

    This coffee is so smooth, fresh, and tasty. It is also organic, no pesticides and low acid. All these features are very important to me. I basically gave up on coffee a while ago since I always was getting heartburn, but not anymore. I recommend this coffee to anyone who wants to enjoy great quality product.

  • Monica Mehren, M.D.

    We have tried many coffees and have found Euphoric to be the most flavorful. I love drinking my first cup in the morning and love that I can get my favorite organic coffee shipped straight to me, so I never run out. The quality of coffee and customer service has been consistently excellent!

  • Joseph Solomon

    This is truly the best coffee I have ever had! Euphoric is simply incredible. It does not make me feel jittery like every other coffee does and is easy on my stomach. It has such a wonderful aroma and taste. This brand is phenomenal and I have not stopped drinking it since I purchased my first bag about a year ago.

  • Claudio Rodriguez

    My girlfriend has Chronic Inflammatory Response System and we have to be very careful with molds, endotoxin, mycotoxins, etc. It's been extremely helpful to know this coffee is tested by a 3rd party to ensure it's quality! Thank you Euphoric for providing us with a coffee that we can safely enjoy!


    Each bag of our organic, single origin coffee is grown to maximize nutrient and antioxidant content, roasted when you order, and 3rd party tested to be free of pesticides, heavy metals, and mycotoxins.


    Our coffee is expertly roasted by our team of artisans to minimize acidity while maximizing each bean's natural flavor. The result? Smooth, delicous coffee that's easy on the stomach.


    Ordering $50 worth of our delicious beans not only gets you free US shipping but also an abundance of quality, roasted-to-order coffee, delivering a premium experience straight to your doorstep.